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Catching A Killer

Catching A Killer

5 Episodes

Not-your-average police series. Each installment offers unfiltered access to the inner workings of a true crime case told by the investigators themselves. No detail is spared in this devastatingly raw, voyeuristic, and oftentimes gruesome series.

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Catching A Killer
  • Catching A Killer: The Search for Natalie Hemming

    Episode 1

    No body, no crime? In this case, a young mother of three vanishes without a trace. When CCTV footage shows the disappeared with a mysterious man, investigators have to weigh the risks and rewards of charging a suspect with a body-less murder.

  • Catching A Killer: The Wind in the Willows Murder

    Episode 2

    A stabbing leaves an antique dealer dead in his doorway. Without witnesses, DNA or CCTV footage, local police have nothing but a hunch that the dealer was targeted over a coveted book in the investigation that appears to be a real life whodunit.

  • Catching A Killer: A Bullet Through the Window

    Episode 3

    What seems like a routine investigation into a murder involving drugs and a shooting shocks and polarizes the opinions of the officers working the case in this unbiased expose into the seedy underbelly of British housing estates.

  • Catching A Killer: A Knock at the Door

    Episode 4

    A heinous crime perpetrated by six men against an Asian immigrant leaves behind no DNA evidence. Since the police can't rely on DNA, what tools can they use to bring justice to this heartbroken family?

  • Catching A Killer: Diary From The Grave

    Episode 5

    A cryptic murder leads investigators to recall a previous death that hadn't seemed suspicious at the time. Using a detailed diary of the deceased, police work backwards in time to solve a case exposing a story of heartbreak, exploitation, and fraud.