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10 Episodes

When an ex-terrorist seeks political asylum it's up to undercover cop Mari Saari to befriend the criminal and find out why she's really come to Helsinki. But in the hunt for answers, not everything is as it seems.

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  • Bullets: Refugee

    Episode 1

    Police officer Mari assumes a false identity and poses as a social worker at the local refugee reception center. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman with questionable motives arrives at the center in Helsinki seeking asylum.

  • Bullets: Courier

    Episode 2

    While working her case, Mari's investigation collides with narcotics detective Viita's, forcing the pair to find a way to work together despite their differences. A mysterious figure makes their presence known, leaving behind a trail of bodies.

  • Bullets: Madina

    Episode 3

    The mysterious asylum seeker's true identity is revealed, putting Mari's life in danger in the process. A deadly game is being played in the shadows-but nothing is quite as it seems.

  • Bullets: Home

    Episode 4

    With Madina's identity finally revealed, Mari doubles down on her efforts to befriend the criminal and learn why she's come to Finland. Meanwhile, mysterious forces begin playing their hand.

  • Bullets: Alba

    Episode 5

    As Mari and Viita try to close in on the forces manipulating Madina, trust between the two women is put to the test. Shadowy figures follow Madina's movements as more of her past is revealed.

  • Bullets: Zara

    Episode 6

    Madina makes moves to push her plan forward, putting Mari's life in jeopardy in the process. Viita and Mari concoct a plan to finally draw out the forces that have been controlling Madina-but will it be successful?

  • Bullets: Ghost

    Episode 7

    Madina has to answer for her lack of follow-through. Mari receives a direct order from her boss, Karla Tuomi, bringing her focus back to Madina's movements. Viita arranges a meeting that allows Madina to deliver an important message.

  • Bullets: Birthday

    Episode 8

    Mari and Madina return to Madina's apartment and find an unexpected visitor waiting for them. As the trio sets out, they make more startling discoveries, setting off a deadly serious chain of events.

  • Bullets: Roza

    Episode 9

    Madina and Mari's fates come into question as both women find themselves in hot water. A lethal encounter raises more questions for Mari and Viita, as players in Madina's plan begin to second guess their choices.

  • Bullets: Mari Saari

    Episode 10

    It's the finale and both Madina and Mari are coming face-to-face with their destinies. As fire and brimstone hurtles towards Helsinki, can Mari stop it in time? Meanwhile, Karla makes a shocking revelation that sends her team reeling.