Bulletproof Heart

Bulletproof Heart

2 Seasons

Investigative journalist Bruno Palmieri throws caution to the wind and decides to overlook his fragile health and live with gusto. He's ready to tackle new stories, eat good food again and reconnect with the love of his life.

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Bulletproof Heart
  • Letters from the Past

    Episode 1

    A murdered movie star's family asks Bruno to look into her unsolved murder case. Directed by Luca Manfredi, 2016.

  • Crime on the River

    Episode 2

    Bruno becomes a member of a prestigious club to investigate an athlete's murder. Directed by Luca Manfredi, 2016.

  • She Was My Mother

    Episode 3

    A Ukrainian maid's daughter seeks Bruno's help to prove her mother's not a killer. Directed by Luca Manfredi, 2016.

  • A Bullet in the Heart

    Episode 4

    Bruno prepares for the surgical removal of the bullet that's been in his heart for 30 years. Directed by Luca Manfredi, 2016.