Blood on the Docks

Blood on the Docks

4 Episodes

Adapted from the best-selling crime novels by Graham Hurley, Blood on the Docks is a gritty French crime series about the war on the streets in the port city of Le Havre. The two cops on the front lines of the brutal turf battles are the police department’s odd couple, inspectors Richard Faraday and Paul Winckler. Faraday’s the epitome of a by-the-book guy, to the point of rigidity, while Winkler is a grizzled rogue cop who values friendship above procedure.

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Blood on the Docks
  • Angels Passing

    Episode 1

    A 15-year-old girl plunges to her death and the last person seen with her on a surveillance tape was an infamous street urchin. Directed by Edwin Baily, 2011.

  • White Lines

    Episode 2

    Just as the department is about to run a sting, one of the key officers gets injured by drug runners and Winckler has to take his place. Directed by Edwin Baily, 2011.

  • One Under

    Episode 3

    Naked and crying for help, a young man lies chained to the rail line as the commuter train approaches. Directed by Edwin Baily, 2011.

  • Blood and Honey

    Episode 4

    The decapitated body of a young man is found on the beach. Directed by Edwin Baily, 2011.