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8 Episodes

A married Icelandic couple hatch a scheme to launch their own fishing empire. But when secrets are hard to keep in their small town filled with nosy neighbors, will they end up with more than they bargained for?

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  • Blackport: The Contract

    Episode 1

    Westfjords mayor Jon and his brother, Torfi dream of purchasing a fishing trawler and building their own empire. But as bankers arrive from Reyjavik, will the pair be able to secure the financing they need?

  • Blackport: Strike

    Episode 2

    One year later. Harpa and Grimur find themselves facing a fisherman's strike. With debts piling up, will they become strikebreakers? Jon rallies around the fishing industry before getting an unexpected visit. Harpa plots to get more time with S�unn.

  • Blackport: Cold War

    Episode 3

    Plagued by new quotas, Harpa and Grimur resort to questionable methods to keep the company afloat. Meanwhile Jon launches a plot of his own to impress Harpa. Freydis grows suspicious of Harpa-and catches her in a compromising position.

  • Blackport: The Witch of the West

    Episode 4

    A reporter begins sniffing around Harpa's business-and her relationships. The board discusses the future of their quickly growing company-leaving Harpa and Grimur to double down on their choices. Jon and Grimur find themselves in troubled waters.

  • Blackport: Man of the Year

    Episode 5

    A stolen glance between Jon and Harpa ahead of a TV appearance has a disastrous fallout. Smari continues his investigation-and begins to zero in on Jon. A new plot is hatched to get the company more quota space-but will it succeed?

  • Blackport: Inside Out Undies

    Episode 6

    The fallout from Grimur and Jon's TV appearance puts all of Harpa's schemes in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Smari gets unexpected news, leaving his story in limbo. Young fisherman Gunnar makes Harpa an offer that could change the fate of the company.

  • Blackport: Kings and Queens

    Episode 7

    Jon is set on making things right with his friends, leading to a night of drunken debauchery. As the evening winds down, Harpa and Grimur are left to have a difficult conversation. An uncomfortable exchange has disastrous results.

  • Blackport: Iceland

    Episode 8

    Finale. The reality of Grimur's fate begins to settle in with Harpa, leading her to make a drastic decision. Tinna worries that her choice to help Smari will hurt her after all. The town is left to deal with the fallout of Harpa's actions.