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Beau Séjour

Beau Séjour

2 Seasons

What if you had to investigate your own murder? This anthology series follows victims who wake up to find their own dead bodies and have to navigate the limbo between life and death to solve the mystery of who killed them and why.

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Beau Séjour
  • Beau Sejour: The Storm

    Episode 1

    After seeing his own body hanging from the mast of his sailboat "Beau Sejour," Maurice wakes up on the beach to discover that nobody can see or hear him. Seven years after disappearing on his family, why would he come back to kill himself?

  • Beau Sejour: The Video

    Episode 2

    Authorities find a video of Maurice confessing to what happened on the boat, but it raises more questions than answers. When Maurice discovers that family friend and local officer Vinnie can see him, he asks him for help.

  • Beau Sejour: Opie

    Episode 3

    As Maurice comes face to face with more "seers," they realize they've all mysteriously received the same photograph of a family event from the past. After speaking with the medical examiner, Vinnie is convinced something is not right.

  • Beau Sejour: The Campfire

    Episode 4

    Every family member seems to be hiding something. Alice is getting strange calls, Esther has flashbacks of a traumatic incident in the Navy, Bea helps Tille cover up a drunken mistake, and Vinnie discovers a clue that leads to Esther's son, Simon.

  • Beau Sejour: The Boat

    Episode 5

    Vinnie finds vital evidence of what happened the night of June 12. In another flashback to seven years ago, Esther turns to Maurice for help and learns where his loyalty lies, while Vinnie makes a surprising move. Maurice has an accident.

  • Beau Sejour: The Accident

    Episode 6

    As Vinnie continues piecing together the events of June 12, he finds new footage that puts Tille under even more intense scrutiny. Another flashback from seven years ago shows the tragic incident that sparked the rift in the Teirlinck family.

  • Beau Sejour: The Article

    Episode 7

    Tille starts acting strange and lashes out at Bea after she finds disturbing information about his past. Maurice has a breakthrough with Britt. In a flashback, Maurice makes an immense sacrifice for a family member.

  • Beau Sejour: The Deception

    Episode 8

    Just as the family learns about Britt and Joachim's secret, Vinnie starts suspecting Joachim of being involved with the events of June 12. In another flashback, the reason why Maurice walked out on his family seven years ago is revealed.

  • Beau Sejour: A Second Chance

    Episode 9

    Joachim confesses to his actions on the night of the 12th, but does not answer Vinnie's biggest question in the case. Maurice realizes why his "seers" exist. He and Britt make a shocking discovery about a new and unexpected suspect.

  • Beau Sejour: The Betrayal

    Episode 10

    Maurice tells Britt what really happened seven years ago, triggering a series of drastic actions that ultimately piece together the events of June 12. Now that his family knows the truth, what will happen to Maurice?