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Badlands, Texas

Badlands, Texas

8 Episodes

Life is uneventful in Terlingua-population: 58-until a beloved bar owner is brutally murdered. The trial tears the town apart and forces its residents to reevaluate their off-the-grid ways.

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Badlands, Texas
  • Badlands, Texas: End of the Road

    Episode 1

    The mythic, off-the-grid community of Terlingua, Texas is a place where maverick misfits and musicians find freedom from the confinement of big city life. But the sudden, brutal murder of a beloved Terlingua icon shocks the town to its core.

  • Badlands, Texas: Murder in the Midnight

    Episode 2

    The brutal murder of beloved Terlingua resident Glenn Felts stuns the community and launches a search for answers. Felt's good friend Tony Flint is arrested on suspicion of murder; stunned residents speculate on what could have happened.

  • Badlands, Texas: The Interrogation

    Episode 3

    Law enforcement discovers a gruesome crime scene and focuses on a red beanie cap, drag marks and boot prints; this evidence points to Tony Flint. But, he insists an alcoholic "black out" is preventing him from remembering what happened.

  • Badlands, Texas: The Trial

    Episode 4

    Tony Flint's defense attorney shocks the court when he claims Tony acted in self defense - a legitimate plea in Texas. But, the medical examiner contradicts that plea when he testifies that Glenn's death is the most brutal beating he's ever seen.

  • Badlands, Texas: The Verdict

    Episode 5

    It's the final day of trial testimony and Tony Flint testifies that Glenn attacked him in anger, a story which Sheriff Dodson believes Tony's lawyer tailored to fit the prosecution's evidence. After a long deliberation, the jury returns its verdict.

  • Badlands, Texas: Answers and Anger

    Episode 6

    As night falls, the jury in the Tony Flint trial returns its verdict. Terlingua residents react in shock and anger and an anonymous juror from the trial comes forward to describe how nightmares over the verdict are causing him sleepless nights.

  • Badlands, Texas: Jurors Tell All

    Episode 7

    After the 'not guilty' verdict sinks in, District Attorney Rod Ponton travels to Terlingua to try and provide answers in a town hall meeting. But, the jury's motivation remains a mystery until two anonymous jurors come forward with their own stories.

  • Badlands, Texas: The Road Ahead

    Episode 8

    As a new owner begins renovating the La Kiva bar, Terlingua's residents fear its culture of alcoholism could tear it even further apart. In a final farewell, we discover a video of Glenn Felts and Tony Flint, taken just a few hours before the murder.