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5 Episodes

Set in an alternate reality in which the State of Israel is split into two territories; one a secular state, the other an ultra-Orthodox reality. A man is recruited to kidnap a girl caught in the centre of a legal battle between the opposing sides.

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  • Autonomies: The Incident Longed to Happen

    Episode 1

    A chance encounter between Broide, a criminal working for the Autonomy, and Anna, a jazz musician on the other side, sparks romantic feelings. Meanwhile, a bitter custody battle between two secular parents leads to a DNA test with surprising results.

  • Autonomies: A Hymn for the Homeless

    Episode 2

    After an argument with his wife, Broide attempts to give up his criminal lifestyle. But, a violent altercation with his new boss puts him in legal jeopardy and the only way out is getting in the middle of the bitter custody battle over Goni.

  • Autonomies: Of Time and Fear

    Episode 3

    Through a series of flashbacks, we learn the course of events that drove Broide and Anna to become lovers, partners in crime and then fugitives, as they decide to carry out the abduction of Goni - together.

  • Autonomies: High Are the Walls of Our Heart

    Episode 4

    Broide and Anna make their way through the Palestinian Autonomy to deliver Goni to the Rebbe. However, the Rebbe's role becomes complicated when his daughter, Elka, accuses him of orchestrating the abduction to escalate the crisis between states.

  • Autonomies: Things Turned Out Differently

    Episode 5

    In the final episode, Goni looks for a police officer who can reunite her with her parents. After Broide and Anna's search for the girl hits a dead end, a series of tragic events drive the doomed couple into the heart of the civil war.