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Arctic Circle (Dubbed)

Arctic Circle (Dubbed)

3 Seasons

When a dying sex worker is found in a cabin with a deadly virus in her body, a Finnish officer must team up with a German virologist to track a serial killer and contain the virus before it becomes a full-blown pandemic.

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Arctic Circle (Dubbed)
  • Arctic Circle (Dubbed): Return

    Episode 1

    Nina Kautsalo returns to Ivalo, as the new police chief. When the local pharmacist is found murdered, Nina investigates with her old partner Aikio. Meanwhile, someone tries to hijack the prototype of an American car manufacturer.

  • Arctic Circle (Dubbed): Lost and Found

    Episode 2

    The secret of the murdered pharmacist leads Nina to investigate the car testing in Ivalo. She encounters the American engineer Brendan she saved years ago. Hamari is out of prison and stumbles upon the protoype. Nina wrestles with a major secret.

  • Arctic Circle (Dubbed): Hide and Seek

    Episode 3

    The police have two murder cases on their hands, both with apparent connections to the car testing. Nina agrees to go out with Brendan. Hamari's son Perttu is bullied at school and takes his mind off his problems with a secret building project.

  • Arctic Circle (Dubbed): Breaking and Entering

    Episode 5

    Pharada security continues their serious search of the test car. Nina embarks on a reckless rescue attempt. Marita is about to collapse under her construction project. Perttu comes to a desperate conclusion.

  • Arctic Circle (Dubbed): Event

    Episode 6

    Nina grapples with her own personal choice. Pharada is getting ready for the launch event of their new car. When Nina finally discovers secrets from the past, she has to race against the clock to stop an impending murder.