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A Good Year

A Good Year

8 Episodes

Twisty Belgian caper about a disgraced engineer and a small-time crook who hatch a plan to strike it rich - by claiming to find Hitler’s wine cellar!

A Good Year
  • A Good Year: Dear Guderian

    Episode 1

    Erik and Lenny stumble upon a concealed wine cellar and hatch a plan to sell the wine as Hitler's own.

  • A Good Year: In Wine There is Truth

    Episode 2

    After learning Tristan deceived them, Erik and Lenny rob his store to recover the huge profits of their forged letter and bottle of wine.

  • A Good Year: Cellar Leftovers

    Episode 3

    While Lenny holds Rosy hostage, Judith and Erik sell a bottle of Chateau Rycler with the forged Hitler letter to a famous chef.

  • A Good Year: Patton's Tank

    Episode 4

    During a transaction with the father of Erik's former employer, Judith sets up a scheme to steal the money.

  • A Good Year: The Patrick Problem

    Episode 5

    Lenny's brother tips a friend named Patrick about Lenny's mysterious source of income.

  • A Good Year: Chateau Bad Luck

    Episode 6

    A woman contacts Erik who is willing to pay a fortune for Hitler's wine, but Lenny accidentally breaks their last bottle.

  • A Good Year: Party Box

    Episode 7

    Erik deals with the troubles of his former employer, while Zias suspects Lenny murdered Duco.

  • A Good Year: Clean Hands

    Episode 8

    Erik, Lenny and Judith reach their most lucrative deal yet, until their buyer figures out the wine is worthless.