Van Veeteren

Van Veeteren

6 Episodes

Nobody knows the criminal mind like retired detective Van Veeteren, which is why his former colleagues keep beating a path to his used bookstore for consults on cases. Based on the international bestselling novels by Håkan Nesser.

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Van Veeteren
  • Borkmann's Point

    Episode 1

    Two gruesome decapitations bring Van Veeteren out of a very short-lived retirement. Directed by Erik Leijonborg, 2005.

  • Münster's Case

    Episode 2

    The murder of wealthy wine merchant seems solved to everyone's satisfaction, except Münster. Directed by Rickard Petrelius, 2005.

  • Moreno and the Silence

    Episode 3

    As Moreno investigates the murder of a young woman from a religious community, its members close ranks and quit talking. Directed by Erik Leijonborg, 2006.

  • The Swallow, the Cat, the Rose and Death

    Episode 4

    A serial killer of young women evades discovery, until Münster finds an antique book he signed. Directed by Daniel Lind Lagerlöf, 2006.

  • Carambole

    Episode 5

    A seemingly normal medical doctor snaps and turns into a monster. Directed by Daniel Lind Lagerlöf, 2005.

  • Case G
    Episode 6

    Case G

    Episode 6

    Van Veeteren gets pulled back into the one cold case he never solved. Directed by Rickard Petrelius, 2006.