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Top 5 Movies of The Week

Top 5 Movies of The Week

Here's a list of the top 5 most watched Movies of the Week on MHz Choice!

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Top 5 Movies of The Week
  • A Woman in Danger

    In this steamy noir, Academy Award-winner Marion Cotillard stars as Florence, a woman who finds her lover's dead body in a hotel bathroom. Accused of murder, Florence must go on the run to prove her innocence.

  • Death in the Soul

    An ambitious attorney, assigned to represent a man who admits to killing his own son, uncovers dark family secrets.

  • Her Word Against His

    A rape victim faces a dilemma: tell the truth about her assault or stay silent and allow her attacker to be falsely convicted for murder.

  • Roxana's Hands

    After a tragic accident, a famous violinist receives experimental transplants. But when a mysterious murder occurs, Roxana wonders if her new hands are cursed.

  • The Woman with Red Hair

    In Southern Burgundy, an out-of-town reporter teams up with a local woman to discover the truth behind her parents' death.