The Prey

The Prey

3 Episodes

The Prey is the story of the blind ambition of a banker driven by a callous desire for wealth and recognition. This causes the leading Dutch bank, ABN AMRO, to lose its independence and the Dutch Government and tax payers lose 22 billion Euros.

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The Prey
  • Special Credits

    Episode 1

    The outgoing bank chairman is pressured by the board of directors to get the approval of the ambitious Special Credits manager as his successor. Directed by Theu Boermans, 2013.

  • Mergers and Takeovers

    Episode 2

    Years later, after he made his grand proposals for the future of the bank, Groenink finds himself in a tight spot due to not fulfilling his initial promises. Directed by Theu Boermans, 2013.

  • The Shareholder's Interest

    Episode 3

    ABN AMRO’s shareholders are up in arms about the bank’s business moves, and Groenink must find a way to restore confidence. However, Groenink soon realizes that the bank is threatened to be sold and split up by rival banks. Directed by Theu Boermans, 2013.