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The Churchmen - EP 101

The Churchmen – 48m

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  • The Churchmen - EP 202

    Monsignor Poileaux discovers that the French Catholic Church is in financial ruins and begins initiatives to prevent bankruptcy. Directed by Rodolphe Tissot, 2014.

  • The Churchmen - EP 102

    After a student gets attacked by a drug addict he was trying to help, repercussions ripple through the seminary. Directed by Rodolphe Tissot, 2011.

  • The Churchmen - EP 302

    Father Fromenger returns to the Conference of Bishops to see Father Bosco and Monsignor Poileaux, and Guillaume lives a double life as a priest and a gay man with a partner. Directed by Rodolphe Tissot, 2015.