The Godless (Season 2)

The Godless (Season 2)

The Godless is an exhilarating drama series. In each of its episodes the audience is confronted with crimes that are inspired by actual cases. The stories, set in the criminal world of young people, are told from the perspective of both offender and victim. The Godless doesn’t confirm preconceptions, but invites the viewers to judge for themselves. It is the intention of the makers to confuse and disrupt the audience, to test prejudices and to disprove assumptions.

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The Godless (Season 2)

10 Videos

  • Sex Tapes

    Joyce, a young manipulative junkie, is unable to choose between two love interests. Directed by Mark de Cloe, 2012.

  • Babyshower

    Daan and Janneke are a seemingly average young couple, both committed to their careers. Directed by Bram Schouw, 2012.

  • Bitch Fight

    A heated dispute between two rival young women over a mutual love interest pulls in friends on both sides. Directed by Mischa Kamp, 2012.

  • Exit Procedure

    A workplace romance between Freek and his younger employee develops after she joins his team. Directed by David Lammers, 2012.

  • Cornered Cat

    Troubled teen Kat meets Brandon, a delinquent with a short fuse, and a relationship ensues. Directed by Erik de Bruyn, 2012.

  • Hardcore Never Dies

    High school drug dealer Jeffrey is becoming ever more estranged from his family, despite his stepfather’s attempts to raise him the right way. Directed by Jim Taihuttu, 2012.

  • Days of Mourning

    After his father passes away, Kamiel feels pressured into taking his role as head of business and family matters. Directed by André van Duren, 2012.

  • D.I.S.C.O.

    Remco, Ole, and Casper have a plan to start a nightclub in paradise, but don’t have the capital to invest in it. Directed by Daan Schuurmans, 2012.

  • Stuck

    After 16 years of marriage, Chantal and René’s relationship is coming to an end. Directed by Paula van der Oest, 2012.

  • Weekend Leave

    Klass and Freddie used to be best friends until one fateful night tore their comradery apart and turned them into bitter enemies. Directed by Iván López Núñez, 2012.