The Godless (Season 1)

The Godless (Season 1)

The Godless is an exhilarating drama series. In each of its episodes the audience is confronted with crimes that are inspired by actual cases. The stories, set in the criminal world of young people, are told from the perspective of both offender and victim. The Godless doesn’t confirm preconceptions, but invites the viewers to judge for themselves. It is the intention of the makers to confuse and disrupt the audience, to test prejudices and to disprove assumptions.

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The Godless (Season 1)

9 Videos

  • Spectre

    Petty criminal Mitchell is about to be released from jail for good behavior. Directed by David Lammers, 2011.

  • Weed

    Two friends who used to date have mixed the business of illegal marijuana growing and their personal lives. Directed by Pieter Kuijpers, 2011.

  • By Force

    Mihriban is getting married to her cousin. Directed by Lourens Blok, 2011.

  • The Hustler

    When Charlie is paroled he promises his girlfriend to turn his back to his old ways and to start a normal life. Directed by Remy Heugten, 2011.

  • Manslaughter

    Alan, the manager of a newly-opened Amsterdam gay bar, is increasingly angry at what he sees as growing hatred against gays. Directed by Tim Oliehoek, 2011.

  • Masterplan

    Bar owner Ömer Altin wants to renovate but is denied a zoning permit. Directed by Thomas Korthals Altes, 2011.

  • Short Circuit

    Danielle grows up in a troubled family with lousy role-models for parents. Directed by Rita Horst, 2011.

  • House of Cards

    The architectural firm of Matthijs and his business partner has performed poorly. Directed by Johan Timmers, 2011.

  • Reflex

    Former soldier Roel struggles with post-traumatic stress suffered years ago during a mission in Bosnia. Directed by David Lammers, 2011.