Marie's Mind for Murder (Season 1)

Marie's Mind for Murder (Season 1)

Inspector Marie Brand looks like she could be anyone's friendly aunt, but her nondescript looks belie phenomenal mental abilities. Her thinking is out-of-the-box scary: she sees physical inconsistencies at the crime scene immediately, she's constantly collecting details about everything and she always has a unique take on situations.
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Marie's Mind for Murder (Season 1)

10 Videos

  • The Perils of Greed

    Inspector Marie Brand she is called in to consult on a burglary that resulted in a seemingly accidental death. Directed by René Heisig, 2008.

  • The Charm of Evil

    Marie and Simmel investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding the victim of a car bomb. Directed by Christoph Schnee, 2008..

  • The Night of Retribution

    When the chief executive of a baby supply company, his wife and mistress are all found dead, it appears to be an open-and-shut case. Directed by Manuel Siebenmann, 2009.

  • Murderous Oblivion

    Marie and Simmel investigate the death of a noted neuropathologist, whose coffee is found to have been poisoned. Directed by Florian Kern, 2009.

  • The Last Ride

    A manufacturer of high-tech rides is found dead at an amusement park. Directed by Marcus Weiler, 2011.

  • The Lady in the Game

    A paralyzed former chess champion is linked to the murder of a prostitute, who had visited him shortly before a crucial match. Directed by Christoph Schnee, 2011.

  • The Fall of Mankind

    Marie and Simmel investigate a body found in a Cologne high-rise estate, where a charismatic and well-respected pastor runs an extremely popular community church. Directed by Marcus Weiler, 2011.

  • The Moment of Death

    A curator is murdered in a museum, shortly after a retrospective of a contemporary artist whose most famous paintin has been stolen. Directed by Josh Broecker, 2011.

  • The Wrong Woman

    After an eyewitness is murdered, Marie and Simmel investigate the kidnapping of a banker’s wife. Directed by Josh Broecker, 2012.

  • Song of Love and Death

    An industrial climber falls to his death during a presentation for a corporate image film, and Marie isn’t convinced it was an accident. Directed by Christiane Balthasar, 2012.