Johan Falk Trilogy (Complete Series)

Johan Falk Trilogy (Complete Series)

Jakob Eklund stars Johan Falk in the three hit feature films that introduced the character to audiences around the world. The Johan Falk Trilogy is a fast-paced, relentlessly-suspenseful thriller depicting a society under constant threat from a new kind of criminality, one which operates out of the banks and corporate boardrooms of every major European capital. A whole continent is about to be stolen, and only one man can save it!
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Johan Falk Trilogy (Complete Series)

3 Videos

  • Zero Tolerance

    Off-duty policeman Johan Falk runs across a robbery in progress - but a civilian is killed, and the gunman escapes. Directed by Anders Nilsson, 1999.

  • Executive Protection

    Swedish businessman Sven Persson discovers there’s little difference between "executive protection" security companies and the gangsters themselves. Directed by Anders Nilsson, 2001.

  • The Third Wave

    Johan Falk has quit the police force for an offer he can’t refuse. Directed by Anders Nilsson, 2003.