Johan Falk (Season 1)

Johan Falk (Season 1)

After five years working for Europol in The Hague, Johan Falk (Jakob Eklund) returns to Gothenburg to work with the special operations group GSI - an elite unit within the Swedish police. Falk becomes the handler for a deep cover informant named Frank Wagner (Joel Kinnaman),and together they battle organized crime in Gothenburg and beyond.
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Johan Falk (Season 1)

6 Videos

  • Special Operations Group

    GSI’s investigation of a criminal gang brings Johan Falk into contact with an underworld informant known only by the codename “Lisa.” Directed by Anders Nilsson, 2009.

  • Brothers in Arms

    Johan Falk and Frank infiltrate one of Sweden’s toughest criminal gangs and discover someone is plotting to acquire armor-piercing grenade. Directed by Anders Nilsson, 2009.

  • National Target

    During a seizure of Estonian amphetamines, GSI realize they're dealing with the legendary Russian mafia boss "Mr. Directed by Richard Holm, 2009.

  • Leo Gaut

    A violent war in the restaurant business has flared up, and Johan Falk learns that one of the restaurants is run by a gangster he put behind bars years ago. Directed by Richard Holm, 2009.

  • Operation Nightingale

    Johan Falk and the GSI team go after sex traffickers importing young women from the East and forcing them into prostitution. Directed by Daniel Lind Lagerlöf, 2009.

  • The Outlawed

    A prosecutor pursuing the most dangerous motorcycle gang in the country is killed in a bombing - the first of many - and GSI becomes a political scapegoat. Directed by Daniel Lind Lagerlöf, 2009.