Giovanni Falcone (Season 1)

Giovanni Falcone (Season 1)

This is the real-life story of one of Sicilys bravest sons standing up to the Mafia, wielding the law to break the back of organized crime. Giovanni Falcone was the judge who unmasked the Mafia during the 1980s and 90s by methodically following the money. His discoveries exposed the vast hierarchy of criminal families across Italy and around the world. As a tribute to his work with Rudy Giuliani at the FBI in New York City, the agency erected a statue in his honor at the FBI academy at Quantico, Virginia. (196 Min.)
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Giovanni Falcone (Season 1)

2 Videos

  • Giovanni Falcone - Part 1

    This two-part miniseries depicts true story of famed Italian anti-Mafia judge Giovanni Falcone. Directed by Andrea and Antonio Frazzi, 1993.

  • Giovanni Falcone - Part 2

    In the dramatic conclusion, Judge Giovanni Falcone continues to put pressure on the Mafia. Directed by Andrea and Antonio Frazzi, 1993.