Fog and Crimes (Season 1)

Fog and Crimes (Season 1)

The River Po dominates the region of Ferrara with its seasons, its power and its mystery. It nourishes the close-knit fishing communities who live on its banks, and it also hides their secrets. Secrets that are sometimes uncovered by people like police inspector Franco Soneri.
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Fog and Crimes (Season 1)

4 Videos

  • The River of Fog

    An empty barge drifts downriver with the owner missing. Directed by Riccardo Donna, 2005.

  • Rooms for Rent

    As he investigates the murder of an elderly friend, Soneri realizes he didn't really know her. Directed by Riccardo Donna, 2005.

  • Trying to Forget

    Soneri tries to find out what made a former police inspector go bad. Directed by Riccardo Donna, 2005.

  • The Mystery Film Club

    Soneri finds himself with an all-female case, filled with men who are too much in love, girls with messy pasts and fellow officers with secrets. Directed by Riccardo Donna, 2005.