Crimes of Passion (Season 1)

Crimes of Passion (Season 1)

Based on the classic crime novels by Maria Lang and featuring Ola Rapace from Skyfall and the Swedish series, Wallander, Crimes of Passion is a collection of stylish whodunnits set in postwar Sweden.
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Crimes of Passion (Season 1)

6 Videos

  • Death of a Loved One

    Puck is invited to celebrate Midsummer at a secluded cottage on an island with some friends. Directed by Birger Larsen, 2013.

  • King Lily of the Valley

    Puck and Einar, along with Christer, are invited to a wedding in Skoga. Directed by Christian Eklöw and Christopher Panov, 2013.

  • No More Murders

    Puck and Einar decide to spend the last weeks of their vacation in Einar's idyllic childhood town of Skoga. Directed by Peter Schildt, 2013.

  • Roses, Kisses and Death

    Puck and Einar travel to a rose-covered country estate to attend Christer's engagement party. Directed by Daniel Di Grado, 2013.

  • Dangerous Dreams

    Puck lands a job as a stenographer for an eccentric Nobel Literature laureate. Directed by Molly Hartleb, 2013.

  • Tragedy in a Country Churchyard

    It’s Christmas Eve, and a sumptuous table has been laid out for the vicar and his guests, Puck and Einar - Puck’s father. Directed by Christian Eklöw and Christopher Panov, 2013.