Bukow and König (Season 1)

Bukow and König (Season 1)

Bukow is a veteran cop who doesn’t mind working at the edge of the law to get results. Konig has a sterling reputation as an analyst and profiler and is esteemed by all who know her for her assessments and concentrated professionalism. Despite, or perhaps because of their differences, they make a successful crime-fighting team - when they’re not fighting each other.
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Bukow and König (Season 1)

9 Videos

  • One of Us

    Bukow and König take on their first case as partners, investigating the murder of two 13-year-old girls. Directed by Eoin Moore, 2010.

  • Aquarius

    Bukow and König investigate the deaths of two former military divers, who were also friends during their time as frogmen. Directed by Edward Berger, 2010.

  • Concept of the Enemy

    Evidence found at the crime scene leads Bukow and König to suspect a desperate father. Directed by Eoin Moore, 2011.

  • Game Over

    Bukow and König discover the body of a retiree in the trunk of a wrecked car. Directed by Eoin Moore, 2011.

  • Bear One Another's Burdens

    Bukow and König are on the case of a prison break turned murder. Directed by Christian von Castelberg, 2012.

  • Silence

    Two dead bodies lie on an old country road, and initial clues point to a motorcycle gang known as the "Satanic Riders". Directed by Eoin Moore, 2012.

  • Fishermen's War

    A heated rivalry between German and Polish fisherman over the best fishing spots leads to the murder of an old fisherman. Directed by Alexander Dierbach, 2013.

  • Between Worlds

    Bukow and König investigate the murder of a young woman after they're lead to her body by her daughter, who narrowly escaped the attack. Directed by René Heisig, 2013.

  • Crazy in Love

    It's an unusually brutal murder: a teacher has had his tongue cut out. Directed by Thomas Stiller, 2014.