Borgen (Season 2)

Borgen (Season 2)

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As Denmark's first female prime minister, Birgitte Nyborg (Sidse Babett Knudsen from HBO's Westworld) wants to bring progressive legislation to her country, but finds there's a high personal price to be paid.
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Borgen (Season 2)

10 Videos

  • 89,000 Children

    Birgitte visits Danish troops on the front lines in Afghanistan and wrestles with the realities of Danish participation in the war.

  • In Brussels No One Hears You Scream

    Birgitte makes a strategic move in her appointment of the new EU Commissioner.

  • The Last Worker

    The coalition's reform package, "A Common Future" gets sabotaged by forces within and without the Labor Party.

  • Ready For Battle

    Justice Minister Troels Hoxenhaven makes a grab for political power, and both he and Birgitte face pressure from the tabloid, Ekspres.

  • Plant a Tree

    The Climate Minister faces a vicious attack by the Green Party, and Birgitte's daughter, Laura tries to hide her deteriorating mental state.

  • Them and Us

    Birgitte's spin doctor, Kaspar, closes out his parents' affairs while the Freedom party makes a move to lower the age of criminal responsibility to 12.

  • What Is Lost Inwardly Must be Won Outwardly - Part One

    Birgitte finds herself negotiating a peace agreement between the warring African nations of North and South Kharun.

  • What Is Lost Inwardly Must be Won Outwardly - Part Two

    The Copenhagen peace talks between North and South Kharun come to a standstill after a fresh outbreak of fighting.

  • The Sanctity of Private Life

    Birgitte admits her daughter to a private hospital while maintaining her stance against the privatization of the healthcare system.

  • An Extraordinary Remark

    While taking a month off to care for her family, Birgitte still must decide whether to make another push to hold onto her position as prime minister.