Borgen (Season 1)

Borgen (Season 1)

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As Denmark's first female prime minister, Birgitte Nyborg (Sidse Babett Knudsen from HBO's Westworld) wants to bring progressive legislation to her country, but finds there's a high personal price to be paid.
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Borgen (Season 1)

10 Videos

  • In the Middle

    Days before the election, political missteps by her opponent give Birgitte Nyborg and the Moderate party a surprise advantage.

  • Count to 90

    After winning the election, Birgitte begins the daunting task of brokering enough alliances to acquire the post of Prime Minister.

  • The Art of the Possible

    Michael Laugesen creates bad press for Birgitte, who in turn hires a reknowned academic as her new spin doctor.

  • One Hundred Days

    Journalist Katrine F√łnsmark breaks a provocative story about the CIA using Greenland for prisoner transport.

  • Men Who Love Women

    Birgitte finds herself negotiating with the country's most powerful businessman regarding legislation that would create more opportunities for women.

  • State Visit

    The president of a former Soviet republic calls for the arrest of a political activist from his country, who is visiting Denmark at the same time he is.

  • See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

    When surveillance equipment is found at the headquarters of a left-wing party, it causes Birgitte to question the judgment of her justice minister.

  • The Silly Season

    Birgitte takes her family on a vacation to the Danish version of Camp David, but politics continue to intrude.

  • Divide and Rule

    Birgitte questions an upcoming purchase by the defense ministry of a fleet of fighter jets, and learns that Phillip's company has a small interest in the deal.

  • The First Tuesday in October

    As she looks to begin another year in parliament, Birgitte faces waning popularity, problems at home and challenges from within her own administration.