Watch Codename: Calypso Part 1

Watch Codename: Calypso Part 1

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Codename: Calypso Part 1

The Eagle (Season 3) – 59m

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  • Codename: Calypso Part 2

    A Danish drug baron is attempting to flee to Colombia with his wife and her sister. Directed by Rumle Hammerich, 2006.

  • Codename: Thanatos Part 1

    The murder and abuse of a little girl in Stockholm lead Hallgrim and his team to a world-wide pedophilia network. Directed by Niels Arden Oplev, 2006.

  • Codename: Thanatos Part 2

    The police locate Kyle, the murderer of the little Danish girl, on his honeymoon in Oslo. Directed by Louise Friedberg, 2006.