Nestor Burma

Nestor Burma

15 Episodes

Inspired by hard-boiled French writer Léo Malet's classic mystery novels, Nestor Burma (Guy Marchand) is a cynical private detective, a serial monogamist and an inveterate saxophone player. Burma is the owner and sole operator of the Fiat Lux Agency in Paris, investigating murders, missing persons, kidnapping and extortion cases in every arrondissement of The City of Light. It's a tough job, but Burma's just the man for it - with more than a little help from his lovelorn secretary, Hélène, and his cat Rifif

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Nestor Burma
  • Nestor's Most Noble Conquest

    Episode 1

    A desperate wife calls Burma after her husband’s life is openly threatened. Directed by Philippe Laïk, 1998.

  • Russian Doll

    Episode 2

    Nestor’s old friend Roger invites him to serve as a witness in his wedding. Directed by Philippe Venault, 1998.

  • Back to Business

    Episode 3

    While leaving the courthouse, Burma stumbles upon a murdered magistrate in a parking garage. Directed by Philippe Venault, 1998.

  • En Garde, Burma!

    Episode 4

    A friend of Burma’s asks him for help investigating threats against a top member of his fencing team. Directed by Jean Marboeuf, 1998.

  • Starting Price

    Episode 5

    The wife of an auctioneer, whom Burma was investigating for infidelity, is found dead in a hotel room. Directed by Philippe Niang, 1998.

  • Burma and the Belle of Paris

    Episode 6

    The wife of a major tomato distributor asks Burma to help find her husband, who’s been missing for four days. Directed by Philippe Venault, 1998.

  • Don't Call the Police

    Episode 7

    Nestor is approached by a rich businessman to tail his daughter’s kidnappers and recover her ransom money. Directed by David Delrieux, 2001.

  • Panic in Saint-Patrick

    Episode 8

    An anonymous individual hires Nestor to investigate the reasons for a boy's suicide at a prestigious private school. Directed by Jacob Berger, 2000.

  • Hearts Are Trumps

    Episode 9

    A serial killer is preying on foreign female students in Paris. Directed by David Delrieux, 2001.

  • Sweetheart, Let's See About This

    Episode 10

    The mother of a young model hires Nestor to investigate her daughter's supposed death from a drug overdose. Directed by Laurent Carcélès, 2002.

  • Unfair Competition

    Episode 11

    The son of a research company CEO hires Nestor to investigate his father’s death, which he doesn’t believe was a suicide. Directed by Jacob Berger, 2002.

  • Disobliged Nobility

    Episode 12

    A young man disappears after receiving a very large inheritance from his recently-deceased father. Directed by Philippe Venault, 2002.

  • The Good Matchmaker

    Episode 13

    While following an unfaithful husband who has multiple mistresses, Nestor stumbles upon the man's murdered corpse. Directed by Laurent Carcélès, 2003.

  • Machinations for Slot Machines

    Episode 14

    An old flame resurfaces in Nestor’s life when she desperately asks for his help in finding a man who owes her money. Directed by Laurent Carcélès, 2003.

  • Pimps with Twenty Hideouts

    Episode 15

    Nestor is hired by a concerned mother to locate her missing daughter, who disappeared after an argument between the two of them. Directed by Maurice Frydland, 2003.