Lulu the Bankrobber's Wife

Lulu the Bankrobber's Wife

12 Episodes

Lulu is a smart and independent woman with her own beauty salon in the suburbs. Leon is a habitual bankrobber with a heart of gold, and an insatiable knack for pulling off almost-flawless heists. But when Leon is arrested and sent to jail on their wedding night, Lulu is forced take over the reigns of his criminal enterprise - and balance being a housewife and taking care of their two children while fighting to clear her husband's name!

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Lulu the Bankrobber's Wife
  • The Wedding

    Episode 1

    Five years ago, Leon proposed to Lulu who said yes on the condition that he stay out of jail and trouble for five years. Directed by Jannik Johansen, 2009.

  • Mehmet and the Bikers

    Episode 2

    In the aftermath of Leon's arrest, Lulu learns that detctives Ole Sound and Patrick Smidt have frozen all of their assets. Directed by Jannik Johansen, 2009.

  • Leon's Alibi

    Episode 3

    Lulu struggles to believe her husband's version of events. Directed by Christina Rosendahl, 2009.

  • Alexandra The Neighbor's Wife

    Episode 4

    Convinced Leon's having an affair with the neighbor's wife, Lulu decides to follow her to work and confront her. Directed by Christina Rosendahl, 2009.

  • The Ukrainian Girls

    Episode 5

    Leon tracks down an inmate with information on the Hvidovre heist, but in return he wants a favor. Directed by Natasha Arthy, 2009.

  • Lulu and Patrick

    Episode 6

    Lulu struggles to come to terms with the man she's married - a process Patrick is eager to help her with. Directed by Natasha Arthy, 2009.

  • Letter to Leon

    Episode 7

    With Patrick widening the gap between them, Lulu struggles to accept her husband and decides to write him a letter. Directed by Carsten Myllerup, 2010.

  • Christmas Peace

    Episode 8

    Lulu and the children visit Leon in jail on Christmas Eve. Directed by Carsten Myllerup and Jannik Johansen, 2010.

  • Home Again

    Episode 9

    Hurt both emotionally and physically, Leon is held prisoner by Patrick in his own home. Directed by Henrik Ruben Genz, 2010.

  • Lulu and the Heist

    Episode 10

    Waking up from a coma in the hospital, Leon warns Lulu about Patrick before being taken back to jail. Directed by Henrik Ruben Genz, 2010.

  • Caught in the Middle

    Episode 11

    Convinced the heist can't be done without Leon, Patrick forges evidence to get him released from jail. Directed by Christina Rosendahl, 2010.

  • Life After Death

    Episode 12

    Lulu and Leon wonder whether or not their relationship and their family will ever be the same. Directed by Christina Rosendahl, 2010.