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Watch this video and more on MHz Choice

Sophie's Departure

Kaboul Kitchen – 26m

Up Next in Kaboul Kitchen

  • Top Secret

    Exposed by the French secret service, Jacky is now forced to work as a double-agent against Amanullah and the CIA. Directed by Frédéric Berthe, 2014.

  • White Lies Between Friends

    An old journalist friend of Jacky’s shows up at the Kaboul Kitchen, but it turns out he’s not just stopping by to reconnect. Directed by Frédéric Berthe, 2012.

  • The Locker Room of Fear

    After a close call at Amanullah’s palace, Jacky is once again blackmailed, but this time by Harvey. Directed by Frédéric Balekdjian, 2014.