Inspector and the Sea

Inspector and the Sea

2 Seasons

Based on the international best-selling mystery novels by Mari Jungstedt, the blockbuster German crime series The Inspector and the Sea is set on the idyllic Swedish island of Gotland. Walter Sittler stars as Robert Anders, a laid-back German police inspector who has moved to the island to be with his Swedish wife, Line, and their two children.

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Inspector and the Sea
  • Death In the Afternoon

    Episode 1

    Inspector Anders must solve the murder of a psychologist, whose body was found in a ransacked vacation house. Directed by Thomas Roth, 2010.

  • A Life Without Lies

    Episode 2

    The daughter of a vacationing German couple is kidnapped, and a ransom demand is made. Directed by Thomas Roth, 2010.

  • Laila
    Episode 3


    Episode 3

    The body of Laila, a 19-year-old Rwandan refugee adopted by a local pastor and his family, is discovered in a burned-down cottage. Directed by Anno Saul, 2011.

  • Blue Sapphire Anniversary

    Episode 4

    Inspector Anders drives his friend Emma and her son to her grandparents' 65th wedding anniversary party. Directed by Anno Saul, 2011.

  • Alone in the Dark Forest

    Episode 5

    There is fierce competition among marine biology students for a spot on an EU-funded whale-watching expedition. Directed by Thomas Roth, 2012.

  • No One's At Fault

    Episode 6

    A fishing vessel collides with a small motorboat off the shore of Fårö Island, killing two people. Directed by Thomas Roth, 2012.