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Watch this video and more on MHz Choice

The Brotherhood of Blood Murder

Baantjer Mysteries – 48m

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  • The Murder on the Menu

    An infamous food critic is found dead in his home, and the list of potential suspects includes several chefs who the victim had scathingly critiqued. Directed Pollo de Pimentel, 1997.

  • Baantjer: The Cunning Murder (Sn 4 E...

    Missing diamonds may hold clues for de Cock in finding the murderer of a rich widow. Directed by Pollo de Pimente, 1999.

  • The Murder Below Zero

    An elderly man of Italian descent is discovered frozen to death in a cold store and despite Vledder's insistence, de Cock does not believe it was Mafia-related. Directed Pollo de Pimente, 1997.