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Baantjer: The Murder of the Neighbor (Sn 4 Ep 2)

Baantjer Mysteries – 40m

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  • The Murder For A Murder

    The corpse of an unknown man is found in the trunk of a car. Signs point to a professional hitman, but de Cock isn’t convinced. Directed by Alain De Levita, 1997.

  • The Murder of the Murderer

    After the statute of limitations is over, an old man confesses to the murder of a young boy 19 years prior. Directed by Guido Pieters, 1995.

  • Baantjer: The Scary Murder (Sn 4 Ep 3)

    When a squatter living in an abandoned mansion is killed, de Cock assumes the killer has to be among his housemates. Directed by Hans Scheepmaker, 1998.